an amendment.

i was reminded the other day of a HUGE fear of mine that ought to have been mentioned in the 5w wednesday post a couple weeks ago. we're talking instantaneous-melt-down fear. the kind that the usually calm, cool, and collected me transforms into a panic-stricken victim.


not just your simple blue bird. i'm talking giant flocks of birds. GIANT FLOCKS OF BIRDS. the ones that so kindly hang out in the fields on redwood road near my house and freak me RIGHT out. ick.

and if you don't believe me, ask jen about the melt down i experienced while driving the xterra on our trip to arizona.

or ask amalia about the time i shamelessly dove under the table {while working at} the venture outdoor festival, screaming "baby mama, baby mama!" as if the mama bird was really going to come after me.

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