chalk-topped bedside table.

 i made good on my ikea shopping list a couple weeks ago and it's been full-blown projectpalooza around my house - new furniture pieces, ceiling fan, and all.

conveniently enough, bff holly was out for a day of errand shopping at the same time i was, so we conquered ikea together on a friday afternoon. everything's better with holly!

i started with the cheapy $20 lindved metal table and a bottle of martha stewart chalkboard paint from michael's.  my original thought was to make my own chalkboard paint - you know, after pinning recipes upon recipes for my someday-crafts. my mind's been so brainwashed to believe a true DIY means each step is homemade {read: harder, longer, messier}. but, no. the ingredients to make my own chalkboard paint were going to cost more than the $5 tube of paint.

since taping off a round surface seemed like too much effort, i eyeballed the job, leaving about a half an inch of table top peeking around the edge.

i was strictly obedient to the "1 hour between coats" and "24 hours to dry" rules, but by the end of the weekend i scrounged a spare piece of chalk from my party planning supplies and gave the entire surface a good once over to, kind of, chalk-ify it.

i chalked the usual suspects out, pretending that my nightstand supplies were victims at a crime scene.

the books stack perfectly below the table top, leaving me a little more room for a gentle reminder to count my many blessings.

in true aubry form, a little saturday morning shuffle inspired a change here, and a shift there... and before i know it, i'm too far past the point-of-no-return on an overhaul of the big blue wall. 

the table is simple and the addition was nothing too special, but the erasable surface gives me just enough variety to keep me entertained.

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